Christian Samuel Baisch


Foundations for Literacy

This a companion app I helped create for the Foundations for Literacy program with the Boise State GIMM Dev Team. For my part of the project, I helped develop the backend program using NodeJS, managed the Heroku server and AWS S3, and created the MongoDB database. View the app here

VR Project

This is a project created in Unity using the Oculus Rift plugin. It is still currently in development. Download Files here

48 Hour Game

This a game that I created within 48 hours for the Discord Jam. The theme of the jam was "mutate". Become a white blood cell to kill all the COVID cells while avoid shoot the good cells. Watch out for super COVID strain! Play the Game!

Some 3d Models

Here are some 3d models that I have created for my VR project. Although I prefer to focus mainly on coding. Download Files here

Adobe Animate Game

This is a survival game I created my first semester of the GIMM program at BSU. The object is to survive as long as possible without the aliens killing you. Download here

Adobe Animate Story

I created this project with a small team of 4. It touches on topics of suicide and death. It might take a few runs throughs to get an idea of the entire story. Download SWF here